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Empathetic success

The value of our achievements seems to be determined primarily by our financial success, our status, and our possessions. But what about how we treat others? There seems to be no metric for kindness or connection in our society.

You made a million, you have a property portfolio. You are applauded. But subtle achievements, you spent time with someone when they were in a dark place, you dedicate your time to nurturing those around you. These kindnesses go unnoticed.

There may now be more equality for all to be financially successful, but there is still a lack of acknowledgement for empathetic success. The work of caring for others, be it children, friends, partners, family, is so deeply undervalued. 

So much of moving through mental health issues is having a support network, but as a society if we are all focused on financial achievement, where is the support network? Who is willing to make those sacrifices. Often those that are willing end up the losers economically.