A western cultural burn.

The cultural hangover from a judgemental hyperactive society.

I am calling out the western soul. I am laughing in the face of the anarchy and injustice I see before me. I am demanding something better. Something that even barely resembling wise mature adults in charge. We have become all that we once despised. We project our subconscious fears onto every unknown, be it culture, person, gender or bump in the night. We see shadows and demons where there are none. We blame others for our troubles and instead create the terrorists, mass murders and rapists we so fear by oppressing and maiming those outside the in group, be it foreigner, woman, Alt-sexual or single white male.

We turn a blind eye to ethics as long as the commerce is good. We will happily trade with dictators, sociopaths and oppressors just so long as the price is right.

We create that which we are ashamed off. The cultural taboo is death. Our cultural taboo is authenticity. Our cultural taboo is old age. Natural cycles. Renewal.
We have lived in a long time of never ending growth. This has continued for so long we have forgotten that on the 1930s we discovered the concept of the paradigm shift. It has been a while but boy oh boy it is coming. How do I know? I can see it in the fear of our politicians. Holding so tightly, white knuckled, to the dragon of the past times.

In this game of thrones the western juggernaut is losing steam. The industrial age is ending, shifting, we are dissapointed that technology has not solved all our problems. We expected to innovate by doing the same thing. Feed technology more technology, heal hurt minds and souls with more control, medical science, psychiatry. Convert everyone to the god of logic, the god of the mental machine, scientific technological progress. Man and machine. We have indoctrinated ourselves into the white coats we are so afraid of. Some people in the US and Australia are afraid of illegal aliens. Hmm. Perhaps the integenerational cultural guilt is showing. Every culture has to meet their own shadow eventually. Right now we are starting to see ours. Look around you. We replaced hysteria for bipolar, sexual repression for intellectual submission. We have worked ourselves into the ground. Turned ourselves into the mindless zombies, energy sucking vampires and ferocious werewolves that we were so afraid of in our childhood nursery rhymes.

Scientific and commercial progress without ethics is part of the unacknowledged dark side of western culture.

Multinational corporations still test products on animals and people in places without robust laws and regulations. The East India company has evolved into a grand international corporation in the last few hundred years.

Scientific progress has come so far that we need not worry about the plagues of old. Instead we have created new diseases, mental and emotional ones. Just look around? Is the person next to you okay? They might says so, as is polite to do, but can't you see the fear in their eyes? If we were fine why do we have so many suicides? Overflowing waiting rooms?
We have given up security for freedom, the only problem is we haven't expanded our societal empathy to match the paradigm shift.

We have progressed scientifically but we stagnate ethically. We do not have the same social rules anymore. We have extended human life to the point that we have no need to control, limit, shame or harm anothers, be it human or animal. In our desire for eternal life and scientific progress we have become Frankenstein's monster.

This is part of why I, ethically, could not pursue honours in medical science. I could not bare to kill hundreds of rats over a year in the hope of isolating one muscle protein related to diabetes, or extend the life of a child born at 23 weeks. This is a cut apart from the natural order so deep as to border on the insane.

For me this is an issue of perspective. We have forgotten that we are infact merely evolved animals. Yes we are animals. The only thing that seperates us from other animals is a highly developed frontal cortex and a deep historic arrogance that makes us act as if we are gods.

We have come so far since the science of the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries, of alchemy, witch burning and Galileo.

Thankfully we no longer think the world is flat, that women, homesexuals and indigenous peoples as lesser humans. Sadly some people, frightened of change, still cling rigidly to the outdated paradigm.

We still harm the vulnerable. Be it physically, emotionally, mentally. And in doing so we harm ourselves. Just look at how we treat people in so called "third world" countries. They are only the third world because we treat them as the 5th estate, the servant underclass.

Look at how we treat fellow humans in our tribe, are they diffent to us sexually, genderly, religio-culturally? Yes. Then we project our subconscious guilt onto them and we find ways to harm or shame them. A hangover from Christian religious fervor.

Look at our treatment of non-human animals, the planet generally. Mass agriculture, mass farming, mass pollution. Everything we do at a grand, now global scale.

The effects of the uninhibited, unregulated logical mind become apparent in our selfish, controling, life limiting behaviour. Sadly we forget that as we harm the external world we harm ourselves. We have forgotten the fundamental laws of nature and the fundamental laws of the universe, that we so proudly hold up.

We are so very clever, sadly we rarely have time to be wise. If we destroy this planet where will we live? If we destroy each other with war, torture and surveillance how can we live with ourselves?

If we read more books and followed less screens we would recall the messages from our culture. We would take heed of all the dystopian narratives flowing freely online and crying silently in our hearts. We would think uncritically, read between the lines. Recall intuitive contemplation, formerly refered to as common sense.

In a global culture there is no war of opposites. No east or west, left or right, the opposition of opposites. This failing system has become so dysfunctional it borders on the grotesque.

To watch the news with open eyes is to watch the satire of our own demise. We have two, so called leaders of the world, having a tantrum on the scale of a Homo-erotic epic about who has the biggest power. Biggest phallus. Most control. The most friends.

I'm sorry boys and girls but it is time to grow up. I teach young people for a living and I see more wisdom and insight in their young eyes each week than I have see in our politicians and corporate leaders in the last decade.

Our grotesque political leaders. Now nothing more than Punch and Judy for the industial-information age.

The world does not need more cruelty. You only have to read the news to see we are overflowing with dysfunction.

No. The world needs hope, empathy, understanding and reflecting. Sun Zu wrote the Art of war, well right now we desperately need to read the Art of life. And someone is going to have to write it if we want our young people to understand it and create it.

The world needs people, young and old, to be brave enough to rise up in the face of oppression. To stand up for the world. For the natural order, which is an co-operative ecosystem not an competitve underdog mentality. So stand up and be counted. Whether it be for a nameles refugee on manus, a mistreated indigenous youth unkustly gaoled,

mad enough yo threaten nuclear war, a man or woman beaten or raped by a violent lover.

Every culture has positive and negative features. Our society will only improve if we dedicate ourselves to becoming agents of positive change.

Go with peace, love, meaning and good intentions. Share, collaborate. Find snall ways to get together. Activate yourself. Wake up. Libe your life.

Only then will you find yourself unstoppable in the face of any opressor.



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