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When you think
too much
about feelings
the only thing you learn
is that
are not


I don't
get into
i hate
getting hurt
and i have
a low


The problem with being a kind person is you make jokes about taking over the world but in reality you want a cuddle.
This is also why I am single.
I cuddle first and ask questions later.


It is the easiest thing in the world for a beautiful woman to find a fuck boy, fuck man, old man, rich man, sporty man, easy man any man really. But never the one you want.
To find the man you want, the man that wants to know you, that cares for you. That understands the colour of your eyes. The quiver of your lip when you cry. To know that man he has to be real. And so do you.
And in the 21st Century being real is the fakest, most analogue, uncool thing of all.

But IN REALITY  being cool NEVER led to a GOOD, warm, fulfilling relationship.

BEING REAL does though. So I am just gonna ask, all the real men, to please raise their hand.

Keep yo hand up if you don't mind that I am fat,

or not as good as my profile picture, because you would have swiped left if it was honest,

If you don't mind that I might have opinions on politics, religion, sex

If you can handle that you are not the best sex of my life, that your dick isn't the biggest I have seen

That I like you anyway. becaus…

Life Coach

The most successful life coaches are the ones that train their clients to pay them faster than they can run out of problems.

By the hour is a historic billing method but in the 21st century we prefer to pay per demand.

After three wishes we tend to give up.
Westerners are still waiting for the return of their favourite eternal Genie.

Social control is so last century

"Texas used to be their own country, then they joined the United States. 

For a while they were the only state in the union who could succeed from the rest of the states if they so desired. They have high standards so they always have nice highways and maintain them.
The same can almost be said of Australia's relationship with the Commonwealth.

You have to keep in mind that Mexico is a very poor country. Like any country, you are going to have to take the good as well as the bad. Mexico was founded on greed from the Spanish looking for gold.
People coming from Mexico are looking for opportunities in American that Europeans have already taken from Mexico.

A lot come here looking for work and send their capital back to Mexico, because Mexicans still value loyalty and altruism in their pathetic culture.

There’s a lot of smuggling going on in Mexico as well. I’ve had friends who are Hispanic. Many work for the Boarder Patrol. People known as coyotes. They willfully sneak across t…

Why was psychology invented?

Because priests got sick of hearing about your sins for free.
See also; why was capitalism invented.

Why was capitalism invented?

Because we put a lot of effort into stealing and promoting your best ideas.
We expect you to pay for quality service.
ALSO we laugh when your sins are profitable.
ALSO we will put you in prison if your sins are not profitable.
ALSO in capitalism product is you.
Have you tried our SOCIAL MEDIA, it is delightful.
Sheep are tasty. much wow.


I keep getting degrees because I like to achieve but all I am learning is the world is full of intelligent jokes.


One thing I have learned from teaching teenagers from all nations is that racism is a universal human virtue.
My tribe good. Your tribe bad.

The magic is in the marketing.

Warning unfulfilling: Contains low calorie jokes.
Je n'aime pas être retenu mais ça ne me dérange pas d'être retenu.

Vanilla Bondage

I do not like to be restrained but I do not mind being held.

What is love?

When you meet someone who lives the way your heart desires. You have found a soulmate.
When you meet someone who lives the way their heart desires. You have found a MUTHA FUCKA.


HOW DO I KNOW I am not a very good entrepreneur?
Cos a kid from Bangladesh thanked me on FB for inspiring him to action with my consultancy.
And I didn't charge the little FUCKER.

Why is everyone on their phone 24/7

Why is everyone on their phone 24/7 or their computer? Or their netflix?
Because our world is so hyper-active, cray cray, overstimulating.
We all neeed a lil netflix and chill. Maybe rewrite your story...Nature and chill? Books and chill? Sleep and chill? Laugh, dance, play, create and chill?
Choose your own adventure. Explore. Cool calm and collected.
If we honestly want to be happy we should prolly go outside. Sit in a natural place. Meet some real life friends. Sleep at night. Be awake for a sunrise one time. Not so hard.
Keepin' it natural. Easy. Xo


Dream Big.

Arachne - Original SPIDER PRINCESS

In Greek mythology (and later Roman mythology), Arachne (/əˈrækniː/; from Greek: ἀράχνη "spider") was a talented mortal weaver who challenged Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts, to a weaving contest; this hubris resulted in her being transformed into a spider.

Arachne was a blessed weaver of Greece. People asked her if she had been taught weaving by Athena herself, the goddess of wisdom. Although this was meant as a compliment, Arachne became angry. She thought that her skill was greater than the goddess's.

Hearing of her attitude, Athena appeared on her doorway disguised as an old woman in a dark cloak. She asked her to respect the gods and goddesses, but Arachne just laughed, and said that even if Athena herself challenged her, it would be an easy win. Athena then revealed herself and challenged Arachne to a competition. The loser would promise never to weave again.

Athena wove a tapestry of the people of Greece, with Poseidon and Athena over them, deciding w…

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is a hero and a guide.
To travel a life as hard as his, to create and share so much music and rawness. To not give a fuck what anyone thinks of you or your creative output.
To feel so much shame for the death of another (his brother) from a young age, to live with the feeling that it was his fault. Even though there is no way a child can be responsible for that. It changes a person. And to love June Carter as deeply as he did, to come through all that and find success and redemption. He lived as an icon and died to become a legend.
Always for me, in my heart. Eternally my man in black. Mr Cash, your legacy, your creative genius, you continue to take my breath away.

Song of life

There is a space you can find. Sometimes.
After you have gone through more than you thought you could bare.
After you have lost and longed, waited and hoped. Only to lose it all again and again.
In that place, sometimes, a little bird sings.
It sings a song of love and life.
It is the only true song there is.

A western cultural burn.

The cultural hangover from a judgemental hyperactive society.

I am calling out the western soul. I am laughing in the face of the anarchy and injustice I see before me. I am demanding something better. Something that even barely resembling wise mature adults in charge. We have become all that we once despised. We project our subconscious fears onto every unknown, be it culture, person, gender or bump in the night. We see shadows and demons where there are none. We blame others for our troubles and instead create the terrorists, mass murders and rapists we so fear by oppressing and maiming those outside the in group, be it foreigner, woman, Alt-sexual or single white male.

We turn a blind eye to ethics as long as the commerce is good. We will happily trade with dictators, sociopaths and oppressors just so long as the price is right.

We create that which we are ashamed off. The cultural taboo is death. Our cultural taboo is authenticity. Our cultural taboo is old age. Nat…

Mortality - We are but DUST

If I free myself from the illusion of legacy.
And realize the truth. That everything I achieve, that I create, will one day, ultimately, be dust.
Then I am able to play openly and whole heartedly in the sands of creativity.
Knowing the tides of time will clear my mistakes as well as my victories. Leaving behind only the faintest trace of my existence.
In that knowledge I am unafraid, emboldened. To take leaps of faith and action far greater than the self conscious longings for immortality can ever truly realize.

Blooms when ready


A good life

How do you know you are making a good life for yourself?
Imagine how your story will be told at your funeral and who would speak about their love of you.
If you are happy with what you just imagined, then you are on the right track. If not? Get cracking. ♡◇

Teaching in the 21st century.

Surprise surprise teachers want to teach but is seems the education system has content over crowding issues. No wonder the kids can't focus.

Too much stimuli. So much breadth. Very little depth. And then we are surprised our students can't write in depth analyses.
We never had the distraction free time to show them how. Not to mention the kids who have chaotic childhoods on top of our chaotic education system and society.
If we don't give young people clear messages who will they grow up to become? They definitely don't know.