The call of the creative - Why write a book? Act in a play? Make music? It isfoolish some might say.

Why write a book? Act in a play? Make music? It is foolish some might say. After listening for a life time, internalising the voice of the dream killers, the rebuttal emerges.

To change lives. To share experiences. To bring joy to others and oneself. To explore the themes of life, love, romance, comedy, tragedy. To connect to the deepest most tangible aspects of ones being.
All creative endeavours are expressions of our humanity. They give life richness and depth.

There are no rules for expressing the beauty of the human character. It is okay to express yourself in a ways that are unconventional or inventive. You output is not a production line to be measured. These expressions need not be logical, scientific, profitable nor ambitious. They could be anything, tender and sweet, wild or meandering, exploratory.

I will no longer allow prior judgement to stifle my expression and enjoyment of life.


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