A Simple Mind

There is so much in this world that I do not know, that I will never see and wouldn’t understand if I did. We all have a piece of life. We all have our niche, the spot in which we create our story. Where we feel, where we experience. Where we get hurt and where we laugh.

It is inevitably a limited place, but that is okay, because we are only what we are. No more, no less. There are only so many faces we will remember, only certain moments we will recall. When we die our organized assemblage of knowledge, ideas and wisdom will evaporate. Lessons learned become forgotten. These pieces, fragments and concepts float around waiting for the next passer by to have an experience and grasp for an answer. To find a reason, to understand, to makes sense for that particular circumstance. And on and on it goes. Life begins and life ends. So many people, so many stories, far too much for a simple mind. 

Archive March 29th, 2009


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