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Meaning, Love, Joy and Peace

Our society has a fascination with novelty. Out with the old, in with the new, start fresh, quick fix. Buy a better house, get a new car, new season? New clothes, new job? New friends, unhappy marriage? New partner. Feeling sick? Take a pill, feel ugly? Surgery.

One thing you cannot get yet is a new body. But science will soon provide us the pinnacle of consumerism. The ability to purchase bespoke organs and body parts.

The question is why? It all seems somewhat out of balance. Unhealthy. Unwise. At some point in the busy consumerist flutter of modern life we have lost the concept of valuing and looking after what we already have.

Your iPhone works well but you want a new one. You relationship is working but you are looking for a better one before you commit.

It is all rather reactive. Not well considered. Mindless. For most of us, who have the luxury of being born in a wealthy country, if we slowed down and enjoyed our life, we might just find we already have most of w…