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The void

There is nothing harder than being forced to deal with the pain that lies within. There is no freedom from its clutches. Delving deep into this pain I try to seek out the light. For it is only if you are willing to step into this pain that you will find the truth. What lies within this teardrop? What pain is here yet to be released? Do I study it? Do I enter it? How is it that I come to heal this deep dark rift within myself?
It is easy to be selfish, to evade the truth. To want to have the thing/person/moment that makes you feel wonderful. To fill up any void or pain with something else. But I must be with the pain. For it is only in this pain, this beautiful deep blue teardrop, that I will find the peace and answers I seek.
Image © Emily Luella


Butterflies in my stomach
A cheeky flash in my eyes
I find myself smiling
But I don’t really know why
To be near you is a type of magic
I can’t quite divine
But somehow I don’t mind
Your touch, your kiss, embrace me
See what you will find
The tenderness so yielding
A depth of love belies
Our souls already holding
Just waiting for our minds