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Mental Health

How do we know that mental health issues are not the psyche’s way of saying you need to change? We look at it and label it so bluntly as a disease. But what is the cause of the disease? For some people is the disease not the life you are living? Or the pain you are repressing? What if much like the physical pain you experience by touching a fire is the same as the sadness you experience by staying in a terrible relationship. Or the depression you experience by losing a loved one. I believe that in most cases the body, brain and psyche are working towards health. Perhaps in a much wider band of experiences than we might consider ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ in a western culture.

So just as people may have taken psychedelics to ‘trip’, perhaps a mental health episode is a ‘trip’, just one your brain/psyche forces you to take because it is desperate for you to change your behaviours. Perhaps sometimes we get down because we are neglecting a vital need. Perhaps the generations of inadequacies never …

The true cost of loss

I think it is only now, almost 20 years after my father died that I am beginning to get a true sense of just how big a scar losing him created in my family.

A family that already had baggage like any other.
Losing a rock. A man who represented stability and reliability was psychologically devastating for each of us.
My father wasn’t perfect he was pig headed, arrogant and sometimes deeply insensitive.
But who he was and what he represented in my family was irreplaceable.
To this day we are still reeling in the swirls left behind his swift and unexpected early departure.

Manufactured culture

To be a woman in this world

I have so much to be grateful for.
Growing up in Australia as a girl is bliss compared to the fate of girls in so many other countries.
In Australia I am considered an equal to my peers. I am entitled to make choices, to be the best I can be.
I am allowed to have a career. A life, hobbies, whatever I want.
Yes life is not perfect and inequalities still exist but watching what girls in other parts of the world go through, my life is put into perspective.
How unfair to be denied education. How cruel to be denied choices over your life, your future. To become simply a slave to your husband.
How poorly woman and females are treated in many countries in this world.
And why? Because the men in these places seek to control the women? Is it merely the way things have been for so long without challenge.
I cannot believe how much easier my life is compared to the majority of people on this planet we call home.
Why is it that geography or nationality should determine what a human being deserves. Why is t…

Is this it?

Born, school, pick a vocation, get a job.

Work at your job until you are grey and old. Then die?
I guess so.
What else is there?
Love, fun.
Is there mystery?
I think life needs some mystery. Some intrigue. Something special and precious.
I guess I haven’t done children yet.
There needs to be something special. Something meaningful. What is the purpose of it all?
Is there no purpose? No big picture?
Or does the system matter?
Is what I do in the system something that matters?
Perhaps we are heading for a cataclysmic downfall.
Destruction of the species.
The end of times.
There is so much information all around shouting that from the rooftops
And yet on with day to day life we go.

I don’t know what to make of it all.
Are we going to all die? Well yes. So why the panic?
The moral implications of what we are doing to our planet.
Yes there is bad. But I guess technically it is all nature.
How far out one must go to understand the process of nature. Life and death. Cycles.
Perhaps it mat…