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The Cynical Voice



Beliefs are the key to life.
In every second there is more going on than our conscious brains could possibly process. So what moments do we pick up and how do we process them? We pick up the ones our brain decides are the most relevant. These aspects tend to be the ones that connect to what we believe.
Belief is a lot more powerful than it is given credit for. Yes a rational well explained argument can change a belief if the person is open to it. But more often than not it is beliefs that shift the landscape of our thoughts and our interpretation of the world. If you need evidence for this go read the news, there are people waging religious wars, others protesting for the rights of others, others still searching the unknown for cures for disease, they are even people who devote they lives to firing invisible particles in multi-billion dollar underground labs. All these powerful movements, positive and negative are based on belief.
On a more personal note, in every moment, in each decisio…

Letter to a younger self



So I have found myself in the profession of teaching. It is one to which I am suited. But so often I find myself wondering if I am really doing all that I can be doing for others. Perhaps it is never as it seems.

I want very much to help people to see inside themselves. To see who they are and what they need to do to find meaning in this life. I guess that path is a very different type of teaching than what I do in my high school chemistry and maths classes.  I give hints and guidance where I can but in most cases I feel that there is so much more I could be doing.

So how is it that I go from where I am now to where I would like to be? This I do not know.

Striving and not striving