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Vulnerability is not weakness. It is emotional risk, exposure and uncertainty.
Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.

Brene Brown - On vulnerability
Brene Brown - Listening to shame

Brace Barker

Kyron was a strange planet and Brace knew he did not understand it. 

Small steps, big gains

It can be crippling to have a massive desire to do good in the world mixed with a deep feeling of global insignificance. How many of us let this fear shut us down? Casting aside the desire as an overwhelming and exhausting impulse? I wonder how much is caused by the prevalent belief that you must effect massive and magnificent change for it to matter?

The reality is that every day we have the power to affect a very small sphere of influence. Whether it is the way we respond to the feelings of a loved one or the way we approach our work, what we do counts and it is the only world changing possibility we get.

I don’t think that every single moment permanently defines you but I do feel that the direction to which you align yourself does. If you are clear about where you want to move your actions take on a coherent theme and over time momentum builds.

We live in a world surrounded by stories of people who do big and seemingly amazing things. Don’t be discouraged. Remember …


She looked out the window at the children playing below. Laughing, running, kicking balls. She turned and looked inside her room. Empty, cold and grey it felt clinical lacking any flourish or adornment. As she looked back out the window she wondered how she would ever play again. After all this how could she ever laugh freely with others? It seemed that she had been here so long, isolated, that other people and close friends were more of a dream than something she could touch.

She sat, lay and occasionally stood alone for countless days that turned into weeks and eventually months. Three daily meals and four hourly checks the only interruption to her isolation.
Sometimes a visitor would come and stand or sit near her with an uncomfortable sympathy in their eyes. The conversations were mostly cheerful but shallow, relying on weather and current external events.
The social pressure ever strong to answer “good” while smiling when asked how one feels despite the grey pall…