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I am done with medical science.

Today I feel so incredibly tired. I just can't listen or think anymore.
I feel hurt. I feel so overwhelmed with what I have seen today and the wrongs of the world.

Today I was confronted with the realization that my entire degree is part of a system that goes against my morals and compassion. Not only is it my specialization but also when I was sick to me my marks represented my survival and gave me the self esteem to push forward. Very soon I will graduate and have a medical science degree. I know that modern medicine has done a lot for people, I'm alive because of it, but so much of that knowledge comes from the suffering. Suffering and the destruction of animals discarded as easy waste. All my degree has taught me is that if you eat well and exercise you will have a better chance of living a long and healthy life. This has been discovered through the abuse of our apparent superiority.

Today as a part of the last semester of my degree I entered a research facility with anim…


It has been 4 years since I gained remission.