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Tall Poppy Syndrome

Tall poppy syndrome is an example of a negative cultural value in Australia. It limits our ability to thrive as individuals but also inhibits innovation and entrepreneuralism.

To believe in yourself and know you have skills is okay. But to acknowledge it out loud? Many will scoff. Many will tell you to find your place, ask questions like "Who do you think you are? So you think your better than us do you?" All designed to ensure you never leave your assigned station.

One side effect of tall poppy syndrome is that many people who are skilled or talented don't put themselves forward. Across all social groups and over time this has huge implications for our economy and society. It cuts down bright ideas, it prevents people taking risks. Reduces investment in innovation.

People who know they are good at what they do are shut down in Australia. Many bright sparks end up leaving for countries with a more encouraging cultural environment. Sick of being dragged …

Take the time, its worth it.

It seems that the faster and busier we get the less time we take to think deeply and clearly.
Decisions made in a hurry are rarely decisions well made. Without regular analysis we are at risk of living on autopilot or making decisions out of convenience rather than lasting value.
Taking the time to breathe, check in and deeply consider what you are doing, and why, it is always worth the extra time.
There is an instant buzz when reading a tweet or checking your phone, but you get a lasting benefit from reading a well reasoned article or taking time away from distractions.

So how should we live?

Humans instinctively crave a sense of meaning and belonging. As well as a sense of mystery and connection. A link to the sacred, unconscious and unknowable dimensions of life. Which is why we created gods, religion and mythology in the first place. They gave us words to describe the great unknown, as well as security and stories we could share and repeat across generations. Acting as a guide with fables and cautionary tales on how to live.

In the west we seem to have successfully reduced and replaced these ideas with materialism, technology, mass marketing and conspiracy theories. While none these factors are necessarily negative in their own right, the current assemblage leaves much to be desired socially. We have managed to take the mystery out of life, even reducing meditation to Mindfulness (TM). While this may be comforting for some, it is downright depressing for others. 

Then there is the polarization of identity politics and the isolation that comes from online so…
The wall that holds you in is the wall that holds me out.

Self awareness in relationships

Instead of looking for solutions we all sometimes fall into the habit of blaming others. While being responsible in some areas we sometimes abdicate all responsibility in others, especially in relationships.
Instead of asking "How can we create more intimacy?" We demanded more. Asking "Why can't you just give me what I want?"
As if our partners could just change who they are as easily as we could stop having needs and individual tendencies.
We fall into the mess of faulty thinking. The ever wanting child is in charge.

The solution is to become aware of what you are doing and why it has been so ineffective, recreating the same behavioral patterns. Once you reflect on what you have been doing you open up the possibility for a new solution, simply by being more flexible in your thinking.

It is interesting how these patterns emerge. The screaming child demands, "I want this", "I need this", "Why can't you give it to me?" These dema…